MOMMY & ME  Stretching, basic ballet, creative movement with props such as hats & scarves, basic choreography to popular songs like “Wheels On the Bus” and “Teddy Bear Picnic”, as well as tiny tumbling. All of this happens with the mommies involved! They stretch with us and do the choreography too! This class is set up so that the 2 year olds get acclimated to a classroom atmosphere and an instructor all with the comfort of mommies close by.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT see above (without the mommies). This class performs in the recital!
PRE-K  (ages 3 & 4) Stretching, Basic ballet, creative movement, basic tap (for classes that include tap), basic tumbling (for classes that include tumble). The pre-k dancers are also a huge part of the Teddy Bear Dancers, a mini performing company to perform locally in community events and nursing homes.

COMBO KIDS (ages 5 & 6)  Stretching, basic ballet, creative movement, basic tap, or junior jazz.  This class moves faster and  is slightly more advance than the pre-k classes, but still a significant part of The Teddy Bear Dancers as stated above.

INTRO CLASSES   Designed for ages 7-up who are ready to prepare for regular dance classes. Jazz is introduced  at this age and level. A jazz/tap combo class is offered and a ballet class where the students will do barre work, and center floor ballet progressions and choreography.

BALLET  Classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement, steps and poses. Ballet is usually performed with a musical accompaniment and can convey a story or theme.

JAZZ  A quicker form of dance using the technique that ballet has to offer. Often jazz is performed in parallel instead of the ballet turnout. Many popular TV shows such as “Shake It Up” and “So You Think You can Dance” Feature this style of dance.

TAP  A form of dance in which dance steps are “tapped” out audibly by means of shoes to which taps have been added. Often a combination of steps make a rhythm executed to music or accapella.

POINTE    A more advance ballet class, where the student wears pointe shoes to execute barre work, center work and choreography.

TECH  A class designed to teach dance technique only. This is a non-performing/recital class where the student will execute progressions across the floor and perform center work while learning proper body alignment.

FUNKY JAZZ/JAZZ    An intro level jazz class with basic Hip-Hop moves included in the mix!

HIP HOP   A street dance style primarily performed to hip hop music or that have evolved as part of hip hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles including but not limited to:  Breaking, locking, and popping.