About Us

At Dance Academy of Santa Rosa, we’re passionate about providing the best dance education in Santa Rosa County at fair prices – all in a safe, nurturing, family-friendly environment!

Now in our 17th season of operation, we’re known for bringing out the best in our students, preparing them to be responsible, independent, creative, and motivated adults.

Whether your child is just beginning dance, enjoys dance as a hobby, wants to pursue dance in college/as a potential career or wants to be part of an award winning competition team, DASR is the right choice.

  • Safety – All of our dance rooms are equipped with suspended professional dance flooring for the protection of your child’s growing body.
  • A well rounded multi-level selection of classes as well as performing opportunities are available right here!

  • Friendly, professional, experienced teaching staff – Our faculty consists of highly trained teachers and assistants who are truly dedicated to bringing out the very best in each and every one of our students.
  • Customer Service – Our helpful front desk staff is eager to assist you in office Mon-Fri from 3pm-6pm. Or you can easily email us at: danceacademyofsr@gmail.com
  • Age-appropriate Curriculum – We believe that dance is not just a trend but an art form that is reflected in our teaching. An age-appropriate curriculum and content of music and choreography are important to us at DASR. It is not always easy to find or edit music on a regular basis, but all DASR dance staff are required to consistently edit out any inappropriate content (not just cover it up) in class and performance pieces. We also believe in age-appropriate costuming and dance choreography. 
  • We realize you, as a parent, have a choice between several different dance schools. All dance schools are not the same. When you are registering your little ones, sometimes you may want to register them in a class to “keep them active and busy” or go to the studio that is right around the corner from your house, but please do your research. They may grow with the studio they start with and you definitely want to grow with a studio who is capable in taking your dancer to a higher technical level. We at DASR believe that proper training begins with our little ones while making classes fun and engaging. As they continue to grow in their technique, we offer more classes in well rounded subjects with qualified instructors in each of those subjects offered. We are proud to boast that many of our students have gone on to dance on a collegiate level and many of our staff members have trained both pre-professional and professional dancers. 
  • As a small business owner, I know that "word of mouth" goes a long way in our community and I take that seriously! Although I realize that it is impossible to please everyone, I am confident that our instruction and services are thorough, attentive, nurturing, and rewarding for each dancer that walks through our doors and that's what keeps them returning year after year.  We truly call our DASR patrons "Family" for a reason.